Rabu, 18 Februari 2009

Usaha Makanan dan Minuman

Makanan dan Minuman

Peluang Usaha & Bisnis Makanan dan Minuman (food and beverages business opportunity) now become favorite, it can happens because everyone need food and drinks and it’s easier to make.

For business owner, food and beverage business (franchise makanan) is one that is easy to make, just need to learn the food or drink recipe you want to sell, and you can start your own business right away. The example is franchise teh poci.

But every business is not easy, you must know and be aware of what you will make and what is your goal. You must do a research, what kind of food or beverage business you like and you want to make.

If you already have business experience before, you can start your own business in food and beverages industry. But if you don’t have any business experience and afraid to lose, you can try franchise or waralaba business.

You can search some of food and beverages franchises and restaurant franchises on :
- Franchise Makanan dan Minuman
- Franchise Restoran

There are many list of food and beverages that you can choose, first you must know what you like, what you have, and what you want to make. Then you can start to search the franchise / waralaba that suits your needs, the requirements, investment, franchise fee, profit calculations, management, SOP, etc.

With all of that preparations, you will have greater chance to success in this business. And later after you have more experience in business, you can start your own business with your own brand.



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