Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Warung Internet


(Warnet Masa Depan)

Seneby Nit-Net

"Niat adalah ukuran dalam menilai benarnya suatu perbuatan, oleh karenanya, ketika niatnya benar, maka perbuatan itu benar, dan jika niatnya buruk, maka perbuatan itu buruk."

~ Imam An Nawawi~
Custom Internet Kiosks

In addition to our standard models, we can also build custom internet kiosks to specifically suit your deployment. For example, we can build multiple terminal internet kiosks, wall-mounted internet kiosks, change colours, laminates, or custom fit a solution into your store. Simply let us know your requirements and we can build an internet kiosk to suit.

Configuration & Settings

When you order your Surf Easy Internet Kiosk we will send you a short form asking you how you would like your internet kiosk to operate. Based on your answers and input we will fully configure your internet kiosk ready for you prior to shipping. Then when you receive your kiosk it will be ready for immediate operation. You can also change your settings at any time.

Business and Technical Training

We also have training programs to teach you everything you need to know about starting and building your own internet kiosk or internet cafe business. Plus technical training courses to turn you into a product expert. Please visit for more information on these detailed training courses.


With all Surf Easy Internet Kiosks Arinda provides 1 year free on-call support during business hours, and life-time free email support. You can also choose to upgrade to an after-hours support plan for coverage from 8am to 8pm, 7 days. With all support plans you are expected to support your own end–users, but we will support you and your staff. For more information on our support plans please visit our website.

Internet Kiosk Models

We have two main internet kiosk models, and we can also custom design internet kiosks.

Desktop Internet Kiosk

Our desktop internet kiosk is ideal for most deployments, and gives users a comfortable workspace, inviting them to spend more time and money on your system. The desk can also accommodate an optional printer, for automatic print billing per page. These kiosks can be built in your choice of colour or laminate. This model is popular with hotels, caravan parks, cafes, and retail shopping centres.

Photo: Internet kiosks in a Vodafone store


Brand Surf Easy

Model Desktop

Construction MDF – your choice of laminate

Monitor 19” Flat panel LCD monitor

Computer Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM, keyboard, mouse, headphones

Network 1x LAN port (wireless card is optional)

Dimensions (D) x 100cm (W) x 750cm (H) (desktop height)

Inclusions Desk, chair, PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headphones, USB

extension cable, coin acceptor, coin safe, surge-protection

power board, dual cooling fans, software.

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  1. bro bisa minta info di mana bisa besan coin accepter dan timer display {7segmen ya?)
    klo box bikin sdri aja soalnya asa yadri luar kota,mahal klo paket box .thx :
    ini no hp saya

    nb : jgn mahal2 ya soalnya dikota saya juga ada yg jual tapi masih relatif mahal :)